The Pros and Cons of Having Free Weights for Home Gym

Free Weights For Home

If you want to melt some fat and tone down, then free weights are the way to go. You do not need the expensive gym equipment for you to build those muscles and bring your grove back. Free weights are a great addition to your home gym. Furthermore, you do not need to break a bank for you to afford free weights. Some of the most used free weights are the dumbbells and barbells. If you have never used free weights before, you may feel intimidated by the whole idea. This is normal. It is perfectly okay to worry if you are not accustomed to these weights. This fear should not deter you from buying free weights for your home gym. Free weights are flexible, resourceful, and convenient. You can easily transport them in your bag if you plan to work out at a later time. They also stabilize your body muscles and allow for a full range of motion while working out. Below is a guide that will help you choose the free weight for your home gym.

For you to fully benefit from free weights, it is advisable that you incorporate different free weights in your workout routine. Try to master the proper form if you want to see those gains. Start small and add more weights over time. You will be surprised at how efficient free weights can be.

Choose The Right Weight

If you aim to build muscle, lose some fats and build endurance, it is essential that you choose the right weight for yourself. You need to use a weight that is heavy enough, such that it challenges your muscles to adapt and grow stronger. You, therefore, need to ensure that the weight you pick is not too light as this will not trigger muscle growth. For you to know that you have chosen the right weight, you will notice that you struggle to complete the last few reps when lifting. Also, you may decide to buy several pairs of dumbbells that vary in weight, allowing you to modify how hard you go when lifting.


Dumbbells are one of the common weights used by fitness enthusiasts. It is an equipment with a handle and weights attached and can be carried separately on each hand. One can use them in pairs or even one hand at a time, depending on what you prefer. If you are a beginner, dumbbells will work for you because they just require individual muscles to work on your core and other body parts. There is less stress on your tendons as opposed to using a barbell, which requires your hands to be in a fixed position, as you move the weights up and down. When using dumbbells, it is advisable that you start with the lightweights, focus on building the proper form, and then add more weight with time.


Barbells function differently from dumbbells. They consist of a long bar which has weights attached on both ends. One cannot carry the bar with one hand, as you would do with dumbbells. They mostly focus on large muscle groups such as glutes. With barbells, you can also add extra weight depending on how heavy they want to lift, a reason most experienced weightlifters prefer them to dumbbells. When using barbells, it is good to listen to your body. Do not compete with other people when it comes to lifting. Each person’s journey is different.